Work First Family Assistance

Equal Opportunity

Interpreter services available at no cost. Haywood County Health and Human Services is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

  1. Work First Family Assistance
  2. Employment Services
  3. Benefit Diversion
  4. Child Only
  5. Job Retention Assistance
  6. Community Crisis Management
  7. General Assistance
  • Eligibility Criteria for Work First Family Assistance:
    • The child(ren) must live with an adult relative who is within a certain degree of kinship or with a non-relative who has legal custody or legal guardianship
    • Must cooperate with Child Support Enforcement requirements when applicable
    • Must meet citizenship and residency requirements
    • Must meet income and resource limits
    • There must be a child age 18 or younger in the home
    • Unless exempt, adults in the household are subject to work requirements
  • Provides temporary monthly cash assistance to families with children
  • Through Work First, parents can receive training and other services to help them become employed and self-sufficient