Agricultural Advisory Board

Meeting Information

  • The Agricultural Advisory Board meets quarterly at a time and location determined by the Chairman.


  • Reviews and approves applications for qualified farmland and voluntary agricultural districts. 
  • Holds public hearings pursuant to 156.070 and 156.071 of the Farmland Preservation Ordinance.
  • Advises the Board of County Commissioners on projects, programs, or issues affecting the agricultural economy or activities within the county that will affect agricultural districts. 
  • Performs other related tasks or duties assigned by the Board of County Commissioners. 


  • There are 7 members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), five of whom must be farmers. 
  • Vacancies are not publicly posted.  Per the Agricultural Advisory Board Bylaws, when vacancies occur, the BOCC receives names of candidates for consideration and appointment as submitted by the Soil and Water Conservation District, the Cooperative Extension Service, the farm Services Agency, and the Farm Bureau. 
  • Members are appointed to three-year terms.