Family & Children's Services

The Family & Children's Services Division focuses on protecting and enhancing the welfare of Haywood County's children by promoting their physical safety and emotional, educational and social well-being. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts among the teams, which are comprised of In Home Services, Child Protective Services Intake/Family Outreach, Investigations, Foster Care Services and Adoption Services. Services are provided under state law and policy and are coordinated with Law Enforcement, the Court system and other family service agencies.

Adoption Services

The primary goal of this program is to locate permanent, loving homes for children who are in the Department of Social Services custody and whose plan is adoption. This is accomplished through recruitment efforts and through people who come to the agency voluntarily interested in providing a home for a child. Adoptive homes are also located through a cooperative effort whereby other county Departments of Social Services send approved family profiles to this agency and through the state’s partnership with Adoption Plus and the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. 

Additionally, Step-Parent and some private adoptions are processed through this unit. Post-Adoption Services are also available to families who adopt children who were in HHSA custody.

Child Foster Care Services

Temporary care for children who are separated from parents/families who have been unable to provide adequate care or protection. Placement in Foster Care may be with a designated relative or kinship arrangement, a licensed Foster home or Group Home.

Child Protective Services

A legally mandated service aimed at strengthening family life by supporting and improving parental/caretaker abilities while assuring the safety of the children. This service is provided through a Multiple Response System (MRS) comprised of Assessments or Investigations concerning children who are reported as being abused, neglected or dependent and through ongoing services to families following substantiation or a finding of “In need of services” or when services are requested by the family.

CPS In-Home Services

Develops plans with parents and family to ensure that children can be protected and adequately cared for in their homes and avoid out-of-home placement.  Case Plans are designed and monitored to address the ongoing well-being of children and prevention of further maltreatment. 

Foster Care Licensing

Provides recruitment and assessment of Foster Care resources.  Insures initial and ongoing compliance with state standards. 

Independent Living Services (LINKS)

Assists youth in foster care with planning for adulthood through the development of independent living plans and skills. 

To report alleged abuse or neglect of a child, call the Agency at 828-452-6620, select Option 1. 

Equal Opportunity Employer & Provider

Haywood County Health and Human Services Agency is an equal opportunity employer and provider.