Property Reappraisal

Reappraisal Project Information

Haywood County is currently working on the County Wide Reappraisal of all real estate that will be effective for January 1, 2021.   As most may already know, the real estate market in Haywood County has steadily increased over the last few years.  As North Carolina General Statutes require all North Carolina Counties to reappraise real estate to full market value based on current market conditions, values in Haywood County have increased since the last reappraisal that was completed as of January 1, 2017.  For a property owner to start trying to figure out what their new values may be for the 2021 reappraisal before receiving their New Value Notification, simply look at properties around your neighborhood that may have sold in the last year or two.  If your property is reasonably comparable in size and condition, then that would be a good indication of the value range that would be expected.  In the event that a property owner feels that their value is unfair or unequitable in comparison to what full market value may be, we ask that you research property values in your area so useful information can be provided during the appeal process.  We estimate the New Value Notice to be mailed between February and March of 2021.

 Electronic Appeal Process

We have implemented an Electronic Appeal Process that can be used during this reappraisal.  Information and instructions will be included on the New Value Notice.  As with previous reappraisals, the option of mailing your appeal will still be available.   Depending on the COVID situation at the time notices are mailed out, neither of these options would require personal contact to file a valid appeal.

 Public Informational Meetings

We will be scheduling meetings in various locations around Haywood County to provide information about the reappraisal process and to provide a forum for property owners and taxpayers to ask questions regarding reappraisal and how it may impact their property.  These meetings may be impacted due to the COVID situation, but we hope to schedule these meetings during the January/February 2021 timeframe.

2021 Schedule of Values (SOV’s)

We have provided the link to the 2021 SOV’s that have been developed for use in the Haywood County Wide Reappraisal for January 1, 2021.  These SOV’s have been submitted to the Haywood County Commissioners for their approval.  This process requires a public hearing that will be held on November 2, 2020.  We anticipate that the SOV’s will be adopted on November 16, 2020.

 2021 Schedule of Values