Strategic Plan

At the July 17, 2017 Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Commissioners adopted the library’s new five-year strategic plan (PDF). The Library Task Force, having completed its mission to develop a long-range strategic plan, was dissolved. Hard copies of the strategic plan are available for review at the front desk of any library. Special thanks to those in the community who participated in the process by completing surveys and/or attending focus group meetings and public comment sessions.

At the October 17, 2016 Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Commissioners unanimously approved the formation of a Library Task Force to create a strategic plan for the Haywood County Public Library system.

View the full Strategic Plan (PDF).


View the minutes from the meeting regarding the Library Task Force:

Chairman Swanger recognized Vice-Chairman Kirk Kirkpatrick who stated that over the last several years, the Library Board had been looking at the facilities of the library and had previously discussed renovations to the Waynesville branch. Since that time, they have been looking at the entire system and the need for a strategic plan. He noted that the chairman of the Library Board of Trustees was here to make the request. David Felmet addressed the Board, stating that a plan is under development for this purpose. He noted that part of the responsibilities of the Library Board of Trustees is to look at needs and costs. He said that they hope to get approval to form this task force to achieve that objective by March 2017. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick stated that they are trying to determine what is best for the library system as a whole, which has branches in Fines Creek, Canton, Maggie Valley, and Waynesville. Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick motioned to approve the Library Task Force for the creation of a strategic plan for the Haywood County Library system. Commissioner Ensley seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Chairman Swanger remarked that Vice-Chairman Kirkpatrick and Mr. Dove will work together to form the plan for the Library Task Force.