Animal Services

Welcome to the Haywood County Animal Services “New Leash on Life” Adoption Center

To schedule an appointment please call 828-356-2580 or email  Once you have selected your new furry member, we will need you to complete an adoption contract.  Cash or checks are accepted for adoption fee payment, and we will need a valid driver’s license or military ID.  Adoption fees for dogs and cats include core vaccines, rabies tag, basic dewormer, and spay/neuter.  Once the contract is complete, you may bring your new friend home.

Haywood Animal Services offer Pet Vaccines

Lost and Found Pets

All lost and found pets should be reported to the Animal Services Department. You may also register a lost or found pet by clicking the Lost and Found links. Registered Lost/Found pets are compared against those in the shelter and owners are notified of possible matches.

Animal Services highly recommends owners visit the Animal Shelter every 2 to 3 days when searching for a lost pet. Pets do not always come into the shelter wearing their collars/ tags or otherwise do not appear to the staff as described by the owner. Visiting the shelter is the most effective way to find a lost pet. Lost/Found flyers can also be displayed at the shelter. Email flyers to Hollie.

  1. Abuse and Laws
  2. Clinics and Care

Animal Neglect & Abuse

To report animal abuse, call the Animal Services Office at 828-456-5338. Callers may remain anonymous; however, Animal Services will need to know the type of animal(s) involved, the type of neglect/abuse, and a detailed description of the property and/or owner information.

Animal Bites & Scratches

Every animal which has bitten any person should be reported to the Animal Services Officer and Health Director. All such dogs and cats will be securely quarantined at the direction of the responding Animal Service Officer, for a period of ten days, and not released from the quarantine except by written permission from the Animal Services Officer and/or County Health Director. Animal bites that are treated at a medical facility are automatically reported either to the Animal Services Department or the Health Department. Animals may be quarantined at the owner’s home, veterinarian’s office, or at the shelter depending upon vaccination history and circumstances of the bite. 

Animal bites and/or attacks that occur after hours may be reported to Animal Services by contacting the Haywood County Emergency Operations at 828-452-6600. An on-call Animal Services Officer is available after hours for emergency situations. For further information, contact the Animal Services Office at 828-456-5338.

Leash Law

It is unlawful for any owner to permit animals to run at large. All animals must be under restraint by means of chain, leash or other like device, sufficiently near the owner or handler to be under his or her direct control, on or within a vehicle being driven or parked, within a secure enclosure such as a fence, or within the property limits of the owner or keeper. Animals allowed to run loose and create a public nuisance should be reported to the Animal Services Department at 828-456-5338. An Animal Services Officer will investigate the complaint. To file a complaint, the Animal Services Officer will need a detailed description of the animal(s), owner information, and property location.