The Finance Department provides fiscal management of County activities in accordance with the North Carolina Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act (NC G.S. 159). The Finance Department is responsible for managing the General Fund, Special Revenue Funds, Internal Service Funds, and Capital Project Funds totaling over eighty million dollars, as well as intergovernmental component unit accounting and reporting. It is also responsible for maintaining and reporting accurate financial information and ensuring compliance with County policies and internal controls. The integrity of the County’s financial reporting is assured through a system of internal controls, internal audits, and an annual audit by an independent certified public accounting firm.

The department provides guidance and service to all other departments, as well as local taxing entities such as the special taxing districts and the Tourism Development Authority. In addition, the office oversees purchasing, payroll, internal auditing, budgeting, payables and receivables functions, while maintaining assets and planning for future needs of the County.


To serve Haywood County by providing management, staff and citizens with accurate and timely financial information and direction, committing to the highest ethical standards and professional behavior.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)

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