Work First Family Assistance (WFFA)

Provides temporary monthly assistance to families with children. All families are required to sign a Mutual Responsibility Agreement that details their plan to become non-dependent on public assistance. Most families that include an adult are subject to a federal 60-month time limit and a state 24-month limit on receipt of this assistance.


Eligibility Criteria for Work First Family Assistance (WFFA): 

  • There must be a child age 18 or younger in the home
  • The child(ren) must live with an adult relative who is within a certain degree of kinship or with a non-relative who has legal custody or legal guardianship
  • The family must meet income and resources limits
  • Unless exempt, adults in the household are subject to work requirements
  • All family members need to provide or apply for Social Security number
  • Must meet citizenship and residency requirements
  • Must cooperate with Child Support requirements when applicable

Through Work First, parents can receive training and other services o help them become employed and self-sufficient. 

In lieu of a monthly WFFA check, families may receive Benefit Diversion. 

  • The benefit amount is determined based on eligibility and need.  The family must be employed or soon-to-be-employed to be considered. 
  • Benefit Diversion is an optional short-term benefits package that may be provided to families instead of Work First Family Assistance benefits.  It is intended to be a one-time service for families who are experiencing a short-term crisis situation and is not designed to meet ongoing and continuing needs. 
  • The benefits packet includes a one-time lump sum cash payment, Medicaid, Food and Nutrition services, referrals to child support, child care assistance, and other community resources.  
  • Call 828-452-6620, option 3 for more information about Benefit Diversion
  • The family must meet all of the eligibility requirements for Work First Family Assistance in order to be considered for Benefit Diversion. 

Benefits provided to specified relatives who are providing a home, supervision and primary care to children who are not their own can call 828-452-6620, option 3 for more information about Child Only Services. 

  • Child must be under the age of 18 and living in the specified home full-time.
  • Children who are U.S. Citizens living in a home where neither parent is a U.S Citizen and therefore no eligible for public assistance. 
  • Household income is not considered in the eligibility determination.
  • The parent of the child cannot be residing in the same home with the child. 

Call 828-452-6620, option 3 for more information about Job Retention Assistance

  • Designed for temporary immediate assistance
  • The family must be at or below 150% of the poverty level
  • There must be at lease one family member working
  • There must be a barrier to employment that needs immediate attention
  • Applicants must meet income and reserve guidelines
  • Assistance may be provided for temporary shelter, transportation to maintain employment, to prevent eviction, etc. 
  • Assistance will be limited to $300 within a 12-month period

Call 828-452-6620, option 5 for more information about Community Crisis Management Fund

  • Provides short term assistance during an immediate crisis to eligible applicants within the community
  • The assistance is paid directly to the vendor, and the maximum amount is $100 per person/household per fiscal year
  • Funds may be used for assistance such as food, vehicle fuel, bus tickets, emergency shelter and prescriptions needed for a life threatening illness

The General Assistance Program is designed to meet the essential needs of an individual or household who is in an emergency or crisis situation. 

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Contact Jill McCracken, 828-452-6620 ext. 2368, Coleman Hudson, 828-452-6620 ext. 2358, or Emily Sosebee, 828-452-6620 ext. 2439 for more information.  

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