Development Services

Development Services is the consolidation of Building Inspections, Erosion Control and the Planning Departments.  The permitting specialists assist the public with permitting for both Development Services and Environmental Health. The departments work closely with each other for a comprehensive approach to governing growth for the ultimate purpose of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens. These combined services are an integral part of a successful development project.


Development Services performs planning functions that include reviewing plats for new subdivision and development in the county, and providing oversight and recommendations for a number of county ordinances including Flood Damage Prevention,  Manufactured Home Park, Mountain Ridge Protection, Off-Premise Sign Control, Subdivision and Predevelopment, Watershed Protection, and Wireless Telecommunications Facilities.

All plats sent via e-mail should be sent to: Preliminary plat review must be completed before a final plat is submitted. Please contact Haywood County Development Services at (828) 452-6638 if you have any questions.

County Ordinances & Regulations

The mechanism for implementing County Ordinances & Regulations and for ensuring the County has controlled, balanced growth is through the development of ordinances and regulations. The Haywood County Planning Board directs the Development Services staff in identifying needs and formulating policies for governing growth for the ultimate purpose of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare of its citizens.

Land Disturbing Activities

Our mission is to allow development within Haywood County in the most expedient manner and in the most cost-effective way while at the same time protecting our natural resources and properties adjoining land-disturbing activity from sediment damage.

Sometimes when people undertake a home building project, they just don’t know what is actually required for erosion and sediment control. You can adequately control off-site tracking by installing and maintaining a gravel construction entrance. Properly installed silt fence along the lower side of the property can protect the neighbor and the creek. You may need a culvert under the driveway and a storm-water diversion ditch. In any case and for any situation the main objective is to keep your mud on your property and establish ground cover quickly! The best erosion control will always be ground cover. Sow grass right away and don’t wait to put down gravel. The minimum you must do, is to protect adjoining properties and natural resources from sediment damage, and establish ground cover quickly. Home sites are often located along streams. Buffer zones are streamside areas requiring special protection from sediment damage. An undisturbed, vegetative buffer zone is required on many of our streams.