What does Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) provide?
  • CC4C helps parents schedule appointments, communicate with doctors, and track well-child care and immunizations
  • CC4C identifies and coordinates services and resources to help meet the family’s specific needs such as:
    • Child care
    • Counseling/support programs
    • Financial aid
    • Housing
    • Medical care
    • Transportation
  • CC4C educates parents about:
    • Genetic services
    • Newborn screenings
    • Nutrition
    • School health
    • Various resources
    • Well-child care
  • CC4C provides ongoing encouragement, support, and tools to strengthen families
  • CC4C reduces toxic stress for children
  • CC4C works with medical homes to provide smooth transition across care settings

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1. What is Care Coordination for Children (CC4C)?
2. What does Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) provide?
3. Who is eligible for Care Coordination for Children (CC4C)?