What is a Seed Library?

The Seed Library of Waynesville is a seed lending library, not a seed bank or depository. We are located in the library and are open whenever the library is open. You must have a Cardinal library card in good standing to check out seeds. To return seeds, you will be required to fill out a seed library membership form. We provide free classes on organic gardening and seed saving, and you can borrow books from the library on these topics. 

When you borrow seeds, please plant them and then return the next generation of the seeds for others to borrow. We encourage beginning home gardeners to save seeds from the "super easy" and "easy" plants (i.e. tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peas and peppers). Please do not try to save seeds from plants in the "difficult" category (i.e. squash, cucumbers, corn) until you have more experience saving seeds.

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1. What is a Seed Library?
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