Government Resources

Information from County Government

  • Be Prepared for Emergencies - Links to local, state and federal resources to help you prepare your family and home for natural disasters, fires, health and other types of emergencies
  • Crime Prevention Seminars - Links to community education opportunities from the Haywood County Sheriffs Office and other law enforcement information
  • Health Information and Local Resources - Links to information on healthy living, current projects and local resources and other information provided by Healthy Haywood, a program of the Haywood County Health Department and Healthy Carolinians
  • Doing Business with Haywood County - A guide for vendors who want to work with Haywood County, development and construction information and more
  • Recycling and Sustainability - Find out more about how and where to recycle in Haywood County

Information from State Government

  • Operation Medicine Drop - By providing safe and secure ways for people to get rid of unwanted medications, Operation Medicine Drop helps prevent accidental poisonings, drug abuse and helps protect our waters, find an upcoming event near you.
  • Protect Yourself From Consumer Scams - Alerts and tips from the North Carolina Department of Justice on everything from home repair and credit card scams to tips on giving to charity and avoiding money-making schemes
  • Fair Housing Information - Information for North Carolina citizens who believe they have been discriminated against in buying, selling or renting a house
  • Help for Victims - When bad things happen, the Attorney General's office offers help to victims of crime, domestic violence, elder abuse, identity theft and other issues in North Carolina
  • Unclaimed Property Search -Unclaimed property has typically been abandoned for one to five years. Contact the North Carolina Department of State Treasurer to find out if you are owed money from unclaimed property such as: 
    • Bank accounts
    • Insurance policy proceeds
    • Stocks, bonds, or contents of safe deposit boxes
    • Utility deposits
    • Wages
  • Explore North Carolina Culture - Find out about North Carolina arts, culture and history, plan a trip or find fun activities for children from the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
  • Health Services, Hotlines, Fact Sheets and Advocacy - Everything from A to Z related to health, from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
  • Information for Older Adults - Links to services, fact sheets and more for older adults, on everything from health to Medicaid from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
  • The Official Website of North Carolina - Links to most anything you want to know about North Carolina
  • North Carolina General Assembly - Stay current on the activities of North Carolina. lawmakers, read bills under consideration or locate state statutes
  • Office of the Governor - Official site for Governor Beverly Perdue
  • State Government Agencies - Links to all agencies of North Carolina government

Information from Federal Government

  • Jobs, Education and Volunteerism - A listing of official information and services from the Federal Government related to finding a job; workplace issues; education and training; and public sector and volunteer opportunities
  • Family, Home and Community - Links to information on child care, geneology and other family issues; home ownership and renting; national and world maps; and community resources
  • Money and Taxes - Links to topics ranging from currency and economic indicators to money and taxes for kids and teens; saving and investing money; and government sales and auctions
  • Benefits, Grants and Financial Aid - Official information on grants, loans, financial aid, and other benefits from the U.S. government, by category
  • Travel, Transportation and Recreation - Links to information on air safety and other travel tips, historic places and preservation; and recreational and tourism opportunities such as national parks
  • U.S. Government Information by Topic - A listing of government information divided into categories
  • First.Gov - The U.S. Government Official Web Portal
  • The White House