Waste and Brush Disposal

Brush is accepted at the White Oak Landfill. The rate is determined at the scalehouse.

Household Hazardous Wastes (HHW) - requires special disposal

Haywood County is not certified to collect these materials on a daily basis so our contractor schedules periodic collection events run by certified HHW collection companies in order to properly collect and dispose of these materials. Events will be announced on our Upcoming Events Page and in the local newspaper.

HHW consists of oil-based paints, paint related items, gasoline, cleaning chemicals, pesticides and other common chemicals used around your house.

Water based paints are the exception to this rule. Paint cans can be dried out using kitty litter, sawdust or sand. Once the paint has hardened, it can be disposed of in your household garbage.

Asbestos containing materials - requires special disposal

Asbestos containing materials can be disposed of at the White Oak Landfill.  However, there are special handling requirements.  Please visit https://deq.nc.gov/about/divisions/environmental-assistance-customer-service/deacs-permit-guidance/faq and https://epi.dph.ncdhhs.gov/asbestos/ahmp.html  for these requirements.  Documentation and an appointment are required at White Oak for disposal.

Convenience Centers 

The county currently has 10 convenience centers that accept household bagged trash and loose recycling from county residents at no charge.  In addition, we collect used motor oil, compact fluorescent bulbs and batteries at each of these sites.  Jones Cove Convenience center also had a container to collect used antifreeze. See "Convenience Center Locations" to determine which center is convenient to you. 

Construction debris, commercial waste, brush and waste generated outside of Haywood County is not accepted at these sites. 

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) 

The MRF, located in Clyde, also takes bagged household waste and loose recycling plus bulky waste and small amounts of commercially generated waste.  Fees for commercial waste and waste generated outside of Haywood County are based on weight.  The MRF also accepts used tires, scrap metal, fluorescent bulbs (both tubes and compact).  See the "Recycling in Haywood County" page for more information on what is accepted for recycling. 

Brush is not accepted at this location

White Oak Landfill (WOLF)

Located off Interstate 40 at mile marker 15, WOLF accepts residential and commercial waste in addition to wood waste and brush.  Fees are based on weight.

Recyclables are NOT accepted at this location