The Land Records/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) office digitally maintains a set of county property line maps. Whenever a change is made to a parcel of land, this office reflects those changes on the maps. An 11 by 8 color print can be obtained for a small fee, and larger maps can also be purchased. Topographic maps from TVA and roadmaps from the North Carolina Department of Transportation are also for sale.

One can view and acquire prints of the many land characteristic layers in the geographic information system using Arc Software by ESRI. Some of the most widely used layers are the: 

  • City Flood and Zoning
  • City Limits
  • Fire Districts
  • Orthophotography
  • Property Lines
  • Road Centerlines
  • Soils
  • Topography

Customized maps and reports can be generated for a fee.


All map and GIS data analysis requests must be submitted to Land Records office preferably electronically. Fax or hand delivered requests are also accepted.